Want to know how to start a business in Indonesia? And what legislation applies to this?

Enterprise Forms

For foreign companies, the following legal forms are open:

Limited Liability Company According to Indonesian law (Perseroan Terbatas/PT): Foreign investment possible in the form of a joint venture with an Indonesian partner or an enterprise with 100% foreign capital.
PMA (Penanaman modal asing): Common legal form for foreign entrepreneurs.

Representative Office: A legal entity that can not generate profit or revenue.
Collaborative projects are possible in the form of a joint operation, Build, opera and Transfer (BOT) and Rehabilitation, opera and Transfer (ROT). Given the financial size of most projects and limited public resources, the Government has chosen to allow the private sector to participate in the realisation of infrastructural projects.

Investment Policy

For foreigners it is not possible to start a business in Indonesia without a pma or a candidate. Using a candidate means that the decisions, formal, must be made by the candidate.

The ‘Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal’ (BKPM-Investment Coordinating Board) is the one-stop shop for foreign investors. Acquiring land is a focus in Indonesia

How you want to start doing business determines, among other things, where you are going to settle and which legal form you choose. You can choose from various company forms if you are going to settle in the Netherlands. Consult the Chamber of Commerce for more information.

If you want to start a business in Indonesia, you will soon run into some barriers. It is true that in Indonesia you can not start a one-man business as a foreigner.

Fixed a PMA IN Indonesia.

Once the PMA is set it is possible to start your (own) business and you can make your own decisions. , if it takes two to three Monts a PMA we always establish advice to start up a PMA before you buy land or make business commitments.. You have to make sure that the company has all the licenses it needs, otherwise you will be surprised afterwords.

In Some industries it is necessary (by Indonesian law), which part of the shares belong to a local company or person of Indonesia. In most cases the foreign investor can have the majority shares and thus also a majority vote.

That is why EIBN always ensures an examination of the documents and licenses the company needs to start in a legal way. A local PT can be fixed faster, but this legal form can only be used by Indonesian companies or individuals. EIBN can help you to establish your company in Indonesia and other documents also with professional and business advice.

A better solution is to establish a PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) in Indonesia. It doesn’t matter if the director is a local person from Indonesia or a foreigner living in Indonesia.

Wonderful Indonesia : campaign by government of Indonesia to promote its tourism and business

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